Solar 1500V 15A Fuse

SLFC Solar 1500V 15 Amp Fuse

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SLFC Solar 1500V 15 Amp FuseĀ 

Fuse inside:

A fuse link in a 10 x 65 mm package specifically designed for the protection and isolation of photovoltaic strings. The fuse link is capable of interrupting low overcurrents associated with faulted PV (reverse current, multi-array fault) string arrays.

Fuse link is made of pure silver (or made of silver strings), welding low tin and encapsulated in the melt tube made of high-strength porcelain, the fuse tube filled with high pure quartz sand chemically processed as the arc medium, fuse body is connected with contacting terminals by spot welding.

– DIN mountable

– Multiple pole configurations

– Finger Safe protection

– Self-extinguishable UL 94-VO rated polyester material

-Parent brand: SLFC

– Low Level Fault Protection

– Superior Cycling Withstand

– 1500 Vdc Capacity

– Globally Accepted 10 x 65mm Dimension


Techincal Data:

– Fuse Size(Diameter x length) : 10×65 mm

– Voltage Rating: 1500 Vdc

– Number of Poles:1

– Fuse rating(Amps): 15A

– Rated Breaking Capacity: UL IEC 15 A 100 kAdc

– Time Constant: 1-3ms

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