SuRCLe Technology Pvt Ltd

SuRCLe aim to increase the solar energy usage through rooftop solar power generation. SuRCLe provide quality solar components at an economical price across India. We also undertake rooftop solar power projects across Bangalore, Karnataka region.

Rooftop Solar Power
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SuRCLe provides solar balance of system components like Chargers, DCDB, ACDB, SPD, MCB, Fuse, Cables, Connectors online. We ship all over India. Visit SuRCLe online store for more details.

Rooftop Solar

SuRCLe consults, designs rooftop solar systems. SuRCLe undertakes rooftop solar project installations in and around the Bangalore city. Visit our projects page for more details.

Solar Offgrid Power

SuRCLe consults, designs solar Offgrid systems with power storage to provide uninterrupted power. The solar generator systems can be 1KVA to 100KVA. Ranging from small home to small factory.

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